How to tell it’s time to expand your vocabulary…

When you buy the floor model of a large plastic chest of drawers and you end up with not one, but two UFO employees outside wrestling with the back seat of your car, trying in vain to get it to fold down, and one of them keeps saying “Candy…candy…candy…” over and over, you know it’s time to expand your vocabulary.  Because there’s no possible way candy can help this situation…  As it turns out, the other meaning of “okashi” is “strange.”  Definitely my word of the week.

Despite consulting the owner’s manual which clearly shows the method to fold down the seats, they DO NOT fold down.  Someone must have bolted them in place at some point because they are SOLID.  Finally the guy asked if he could try putting it in the front seat.  Of course!!  What else could I try, dragging it home behind the car? It fit just fine after (sic) folding the front seat down and removing the headrest.  I proudly carted my new countertop into my apartment.  I’m done cooking on a low table a mere 8″ off the floor.  Ridiculous.  Here’s my new bachelor pad cooking setup.



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