Only in Japan

So I popped into a Lawson’s convenience store on my way to the ferry on Thursday, and bought a couple of onigiri (rice balls with fillings inside) and a bottle of orange juice. This was what I planned on cramming my face with after I’d finished working on the other island and had five minutes of time on the return ferry to eat during. I paid and was about to rush out the door (to catch the ferry!) when the teller instructed me to wait. She added the single word “Now.” Well, yes ma’am! She grabbed a draw box and told me to pull out a paper – What do you know, I won a drink! How exciting! But after she ran to the cooler, she put this in my hands. Green Coke. What??? Okay, only the label is green, but still…


Turns out that “CocaCola Life” is sweetened with Stevia, and apparently has less calories than the regular Coke. It tastes okay but the flavour is dangerously close to Pepsi, and if you know me at all you’ll remember how fond I am of that… I honestly preferred the Coke of the 90’s with it’s carcinogenic caramel flavouring. Ha.

So I was at the supermarket going through the bargain bin and spotted pizza. SCORE! Except when I was eating the next day, I bit into an egg. An egg in the middle of the pizza slice, with a tiny bit of bacon perched on top. On closer inspection, I saw that the pizza was labelled as “Gratin Carbonara Pizza”. I’m not sure those things should be altogether, but I recently picked up another slice of it from the bargain bin (apparently everyone else isn’t sure about it either) in the thoughts that it will make a great all-in-one breakfast to go.
And here we have “rice flour tornadoes/twisters” They are supposed to be served as light snacks with beer (or whatever). Basically the Japanese version of salty(ish) munchies, except they’re ultra-light and made with white rice flour so there is virtually no food value to them all. But they’re good and a great alternative to popcorn!

I’m pretty sure these things are “only in Japan” but what do you think? Have you seen them elsewhere?


One response to “Only in Japan

  1. Eggs on a pizza?!? Wow. And I too think these finds are unique to to Japan, and/or their culture.


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