Minoux’s Random Shitamizu

子猫の乱共な下水    (こねこのらんどもなしたみず)

Les pensées profondes aléatoires de Minoux

Please enjoy reading, leave me comments, send me messages, tell me where I’ve made grammatical/informational errors, share your knowledge and post links to directly related pages for the good of anyone reading the page.  I can’t promise to reply or to agree, but as we all know, if you never try you’ll never find out.

My study of French and Japanese led me to a multilingual blog name, in the attempt to reflect who I am in brief – a kitten (minou, pluralized, to make sure you aren’t thinking of any other kind of minou!) with random thoughts which can be like water in a deep well, or at other times, like sewage.  I aim to one day only think the former, which is why when translating the kanji from Japanese, I used the reading for the usage of 下水 that I intended…

However, “random” is an English word…and translating it to Japanese while keeping the intent of my multilingual blog name was an impossible task.  I settled upon 乱共な…to guarantee it makes no sense yet holds a twisted ironic meaning…or does it?  You tell me.


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