Polite Conversation

How are you? Where are you living now?

I am in strange places. I hear music from extraordinary people that lifts me up and takes me away on clouds of thought. I seek out friends who dare me to be better, who change themselves for good, who push on through battles that crush weaker souls. When I speak to you, my mind is spreading out in infinite tangents, tendrils stretching towards many goals. There are many conflicts and for each one, a choose-your-ending. I am editing every moment’s outcome by my actions, and every outcome’s memory by my reactions. I am both terrible and wonderful; I am living in today, but I am savagely focused on the future’s definite realities.

Good questions those. And you?


Minoux Finally Starts a Blog

The first blog post.  Why has it has taken such a very, very long time for me to begin blogging?

There are two reasons, neither more important than the other in my mind:

  1. Privacy issues.  I do not have the time or patience to deal with even the remotest possibility of cyber stalkers, harassment, or general annoyance from unwanted attention.
  2. Plagiarism.  I am a writer.  I will publish books, stories, articles, and be paid for my efforts.  My writing comes from my soul, and I take my soul very seriously, thank you very much.

So what’s the point of this blog?  I will be sharing some of my travel experiences and photos via Minoux’s Random Shitamizu.  Not only will this be a glimpse into what I have been doing and seeing, but it will be a glimpse into how my mind works.  I miss serious writing, I miss the extraction of ideas and emotions and pressing them onto a paper with smears of smudgy ink while I weave a story from mid-air – and I will return to that in time, when I possess it (time) – but for now, I need to share with you some stories and some photos from my travels.  To do that in a time-and-effort-efficient manner, I’ll be blogging here on WordPress.com.

I will not be posting photos of myself or any of my friends/acquaintances, nor will I be using any real names.  I will not be mentioning anything that may induce any kind of harassment/unwanted attention towards myself or anyone/any organization.  This means I will not refer to politics, religion, or personal relationships in any manner beyond the generalities necessary to tell a story.

I ask you to please consider this when posting comments on my blog and follow the same pattern.  Thank you.