Perspective is Everything and Nothing

The older we get, the more likely it is that we will become stuck in a rut of seeing from one perspective.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, if it means we are using past, proven methods to solve recurring or similar problems to those we’ve successfully solved before (or, have failed miserably at with past attempts, so that we know to try a new method).

In a conversation with my six-year-old nephew, I jokingly mentioned that I had to share my apartment with various bugs.  I said I didn’t mind, as long as they lived in the cracks where I couldn’t see them.

His response?

“Auntie, the bugs can’t share their apartment with you ’cause you’re too big.”

When a child yanks you out of your self-centric perspective, rejoice at this brief glimpse at life from another perspective.


Polite Conversation

How are you? Where are you living now?

I am in strange places. I hear music from extraordinary people that lifts me up and takes me away on clouds of thought. I seek out friends who dare me to be better, who change themselves for good, who push on through battles that crush weaker souls. When I speak to you, my mind is spreading out in infinite tangents, tendrils stretching towards many goals. There are many conflicts and for each one, a choose-your-ending. I am editing every moment’s outcome by my actions, and every outcome’s memory by my reactions. I am both terrible and wonderful; I am living in today, but I am savagely focused on the future’s definite realities.

Good questions those. And you?